A new city

They envisioned a new city that did not develop from the centre. This city had to arise differently; from the outside to the inside. First an outer ring is designed and realized; it takes two hours to walk around. This as the eventual size of the city as regards its surroundings And then a smaller ring emerges, directed more towards the centre. In the middle an empty space, a vacuum, that fills itself from the outside to the inside. This empty area as the spatial expression of how the original inhabitants imagined their city to develop itself. These original inhabitants, living in the outer rings, will very much be in favor of their city being designed properly, of good people establishing them-selves there and of facilities that fulfill their needs. The benefit of this city is that the general interest is organized differently. Usually people in the centre are not that interested in what happens in the periphery. The question remains what the last thing is that will be added to this city.