Another building

One day, about twelve people were seated at a long table; together they formed the building team. These people were good at their profession. One could draw and design. Another was good at constructing or had knowledge of technical installations. And there was someone present who was used to think from within an environment. There were also people at the table who were perfectly capable of coming up with cost calculations. And others were used to arrange things. This building team went to work for months in a row. There were days in which the architect had the upper hand. There were other days in which the planners and financial experts were in the ascendency. And there were days in which everyone just talked to each other. After a lot of side-ways, it was decided that a result has been achieved with which all could comply. And that is how a building appeared that was physically all right and delivered in time. And that was that. And that is how it would be. Even after more than thirty years it was possible to notice something peculiar about the building; that it had been brought about as a result of some handy compromise.