Good swimming

In M., people used to swim in the river. When you stepped into the water and walked a few meters, you would feel the current and force of the water. Later, part of the river was marked off with beaters and rope – delineating where you could swim. A diving board was installed. During the swim you could still feel some of the current and the slippery bottom when you stretched your legs. And you could also see the cows on the other side of the river. And when you would do a back-crawl, you saw the blue sky and the birds. Nobody exactly remembers when, but some years later, somewhat further down the river, an indoor swimming pool was built. An impressive building with wooden cells placed around the splashing pool. A clock above the life guard’s post etc. Until it was decided that the pool was outdated and had to be replaced for something new. A building made of grey aluminum currogated sheets; a world full of reverberating noise. It smelled like chlorine, the irksome atmosphere and the blue sky nowhere to be seen. This lasted for decades. Until the people of M. came to understand that swimming was meant to be pleasant and healthy. Of course; these were different times and it was not decided to recklessly plunge in the river again. That is why a new pool was built, close to the river. A simple and smart pool that produced its own energy and was made of durable materials – where it could be silent, even when full own joyful people. And where the water and air were pure and it would never smell like chlorine again. And where you could swim from the inside to the outside and back again if it would become too cold. And, perhaps most importantly; where you could see the blue sky and the cows on the other side of the river again through the see-through roof and when doing a back-crawl. From that moment the inhabitants of M. re-experienced the power of the water and their own forgetfulness about the beauty of swimming.